Mould construction

For aluminium parts

This type of moulds is used to manufacture aluminium parts, in particular for the automotive sector and household goods and appliances.

Pilot moulds

Aluminium moulds for small series

These are moulds normally made in aluminium for limited, non-standard production, which helps to keep the cost of the parts low. Constructing pilot moulds makes it possible to test the end result of a part so that its operation and characteristics can be checked before mass production begins.

Pilot moulds Aluminium moulds

Mass production moulds

Construction of reliable, durable steel moulds

Moulds for mass production in pre-hardened steel or hardened steel are processed by state-of-the art machinery. We are able to construct moulds for any type of use, in sizes up to 1400 mm x 2000 mm, mainly for the automotive industry, but also for other sectors.

2K-3K moulds

Products for moulding 2 and 3 component parts

Moulds for two-component (two colours) or three-component (three colours) parts made with different types of moulds (Index plate; core-back technology; transfer; with rotary plate; sandwich). 2k and 3k moulds are designed to meet the needs for functionality and design in all production sectors.

2K-3K moulds moulding 2 and 3 component parts Moulds for two-component 2k and 3k moulds


In-mould finish for top quality good looks

Roctool® moulds use French patented technology which makes it possible to regulate the temperature of a mould area for a very short time. This system is used to achieve an extremely high quality finish on the mould surface, greatly enhancing the aesthetics of the part produced.

Insert moulding

Design and creativity in mould finish    

These are special moulds into which a film is injected. The film has a highly detailed finish that makes it possible to customize the part in question. Insert moulding is used to vary the graphics on the parts to meet customer requirements in all industries

Injection overmoulding

Hard-wearing functional moulds

These are moulds into which plastic is injected onto an insert in a different material, usually metal, to increase the mechanical and structural properties of the part involved, or to provide anchorage points on the finished products.

Thermoset materials

Heat-resistant moulds ideal for the automotive industry

This type of mould is used for the injection of thermoset materials. The products made with these materials feature excellent heat resistance and for this reason the moulds are ideal for the automotive industry and are mainly used to make components for vehicle lighting.