Mould design

Filling analysis

Mould flow check

CAD software simulation of “filling”, “deforming” and “cooling” for the part involved. Analysing how the part will respond to moulding before constructing the mould allows us to adopt any expedients that will help to achieve the best results.

3D mould design

Mould development with CAD software                                                                            

Mould design development by using “3D solid modeller” in order to obtain the part requested. Our many years’ experience combined with the latest generation CAD software enable to achieve a rapid and accurate mould design, while guaranteeing quality and maximum reliability.

CAD software

Special programs for moulds

We use CAD software, particularly the most recent versions of Cimatron E and Catia, specially designed and developed for the mould industry. Our engineering office evolves together with the software through regular training and refresher courses held by qualified personnel.

Data exchange

Technology and speed at the customer’s service

We also use technology to provide a rapid, efficient service in receiving and sending large files: fast Ftp and Odette internet connections make transfer times rapid. We can read several formats (step, iges, dxf, catia, etc.), which ensures easy data exchange.