Mould-maker services

Tool trials

General approval tests to check moulding quality

The term tool trial is used to indicate all the testing activities performed once the design and mould have been completed: these include injection and moulding tests used to check the quality of the part involved and the functionality and efficiency of the mould. These tests guarantee the quality of the work done.

Tool trials moulding quality test injection and moulding tests check moulding quality

Dimensional control

Dimensional control after sampling

A very important service for moulding companies is the dimensional control of the part before using the mould, that is to say a series of measurements taken after moulding to check dimensions and tolerances. This type of analysis certifies that the mould has been properly constructed to customers’ specifications and the parameters used for the tests have been set up in the best way possible by the injection machine operator employing his skills and experience.   

Dimensional control Dimensional control after sampling dimensional control of the part


Moulding small batches

If required, pre-series can be produced, i.e. small batches of the final part, before delivering the mould to the customer: this involves functional or conformity tests. The part is tested under the conditions in which it will have to work so that any improvements deemed necessary can be made.

Pre-series Moulding small batches

After-sales service

Advanced service

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